Let it Rain Basketball is a girls youth basketball program based out of the southern Wisconsin area. We serve kids from 4th grade through the summer after the Junior year of high school. We are one of the top basketball clubs in the great state of Wisconsin. Our teams compete locally, regionally, and nationally.

We like to keep things simple. We focus on developing our girls to be high level high school basketball players and human beings. If we can help do that they will take care of the rest on their own with their play in the tournaments during the Spring/Summer with us, in their games with their high school programs, and the way they live their life.

Our approach is unique and different from many programs. We believe our kids deserve a special and unique experience that can only come from a joint effort by players, coaches, and parents all having high expectations and proper perspective both on and off the court.

We believe in the following concepts that drive who we are as a program at our core:

Compete Hard
Get Better
Have Fun

We compete hard at the game of basketball and at life to become the best we can be.

We have a focus on continual improvement, getting better as players and people.

We don't forget that this game AND life should be FUN.

Lastly, we are completely bought in on the concept of WE > ME. This is a team sport, so is life. We use this beautiful game to teach our kids about life. We need others in this game and in life to become the best team, family, players, and people we can be.

Passion and Positivity

We are very selective in regards to who is involved in our program. That goes from players to coaches to parents.

We want players who are passionate about the game of basketball. Who work hard at their craft and are eager to continue learning and pushing their development.

We want positive, passionate coaches that know working with kids is a unique and special opportunity to impact their player's lives. We in turn give coaches flexibility in their scheduling - practice and tournament schedules. They are essentially running their own team with full control under our program.

We want parents that support our coaches and the team first.  That believe this experience is so much more than just basketball for their kids. The lifelong friendships and lessons they will learn through playing for an elite program at a high level will give them so much more than a focus on winning or playing time will. As parents we set the tone for how our kids approach life. It starts with us.