We price each of our teams individually based upon the total cost of the team and how many players they have. We believe you should pay for what you get. There are two separate payments you will make:

Team Fee: Described above. Team fees range from $550—$1,000 typically. Younger teams typically cost less than older teams.

Uniform: You will own the uniform set you purchase for your daughter. You will have a black set and a white set. Along with a shooting shirt and two sets of socks. Our hope is you get as many years as you can out of them. We cannot control how you care for them or how fast your daughter grows though. The most recent cost for these was about $165.

When does the season run?

Our typical season runs from April through July. Each team will be a little different as we let our coaches control their schedules. This gives them flexibility to work around schedules as best they can for themselves and the team. Younger teams typically have a less intense tournament schedule than older teams (amount of tourneys, multi-day tourneys, and travel distance).

How often do teams practice?

Teams typically practice twice per week during the April/May time period. Once school is out in early June they typically practice once per week for the remainder of the season.

Where do teams practice?

Our teams primarily practice in the Madison area. We utilize gyms in school districts and churches. Some communities we have practiced in are Stoughton, Monona Grove, Sun Prairie, Edgerton, and Middleton.

What is your approach and opinion with multi-sport athletes?

We love multi-sport athletes. Most of our teams are filled with them. However, our girls prioritize their Let it Rain team appropriately so they meet the expectation of being a valuable and reliable teammate. If LiR is going to be a second hand commitment where you're missing practices consistently and tournaments we would not want you to be a part of our program. That's a situation that begs for issues and problems to arise. Just isn't fair to the team, the coach, or the player missing. We would highly recommend reading our Player/Family Expectations page to get a good idea on what is expected when you decide to be a part of our program.