How do we help?

At Let It Rain, we believe no one can promise you a scholarship. The goal of our club is to build a strong team that will play the game the right way. We will make sure your high school athlete is at the right tournaments to get noticed. Within the Let It Rain organization, we have two recruiting coordinators with daughters currently playing college basketball. If your daughter has a dream of playing at the next level, we want to help make that happen.


Let It Rain will offer fall training to our athletes. Practices will focus on skill development as well as team building.

The Importance of the Team:

It is imperative that you surround yourself with other players who possess the same goals and aspirations. Basketball is a team sport; the success of an individual player is dependent on the success of the team and its program. In our first recruiting class, 9 of our girls went on to play a college sport. We are built to help your daughter do the same.

Help and Connections:

In order to be recruited, college coaches will need to know of you. It’s imperative that you have someone who knows the NCAA recruiting rules and has sound relationships with college coaches. Basically, you need someone credible in your corner to advocate on your behalf. The recruiting coordinators at Let It Rain have sound relationships with countless college programs. We typically have 2 teams at each level. Our goal is not to be the biggest. With 18-20 kids in each grade, we have the resources to assist with the recruiting process.

Our coaches and directors will work to find the BEST offer for your player. Thank you for considering joining the Let It Rain family.  WE > ME!