Youth Program FAQ's

What is SWING?

SWING is one of the elite basketball clubs in Wisconsin. It is a highly competitive basketball program designed for highly motivated, highly skilled players that want to develop their game and play against the best competition available for their age group.

Is my child ready for SWING?

If your child is self-motivated, is considered skilled for his age, and is needing more challenging competition, then yes, your child is ready to tryout for SWING.

What are the benefits of participating in the SWING program?

The key benefits of SWING are:

  • Play with and against highly skilled players; a proven approach to push capabilities to the next level.
  • Learn and perform advanced skill development drills.
  • Opportunity to take on new playing roles (different from home town team).
  • Exposure to game situations that are not usually present in youth school leagues.
  • Opportunity to forge new, long-lasting friendships.

How many tryout sessions should I attend?

We recommend attending all the tryout sessions. In addition to giving the coaches and evaluators a clearer picture of your abilities, it is an opportunity for you to work on your game and enjoy playing.

Does everyone that attends tryout sessions make a team?

No. As much as we would like to give every player the opportunity to make a team, SWING is designed for the player ready and capable of playing at a highly competitive level.

Do I have to tryout this year if I was on a team last year?

Yes. Roster spots are earned, not given. Each year, many factors impact how many teams are created for a given level and which team players are assigned to.

How many teams does SWING have?

SWING does not target having a certain number of teams. Rather SWING bases the number of teams on the number of qualified players. If enough players qualify to justify multiple teams then we will carry more than one team for a given level. Typically, we carry one team each for levels 9U-11U and two teams each for levels 12U-14U.

If multiple teams are created, are the teams created equally?

No. Teams are created based on player talent level. Therefore, the top 10 players form the A team and the next 10 best players create the B team.

How often do practices occur?

Early in the season most teams typically practice twice a week. Once tournaments begin to take place practices usually scale back to once per week. However, each coach has the discretion to modify practice schedule as seen fit.

Where are practices held?

All practices take place in Waunakee.

Do players get equal playing time?

No. Again, SWING is a highly competitive program and playing time is earned. Playing time based on performance, effort and game situation.

How long is the SWING season?

The season is designed for April - July, with a tournament or two each month. The coach for each team will identify the number of tournaments adequate for their level.

Where are the tournaments located?

For the majority of youth teams, the tournament schedule consists of regional tournaments within a 2-hr radius of Madison. For elite 13U or 14U teams requiring a higher level of competition, they may participate in GNBA or NY2LA tournaments that attract teams from across the nation.

Does SWING focus on winning?

No. Although SWING teams compete to win their games, the success of the program is not measured by W/L's. Rather success is measured by the growth development of players over the course of the season. Everyone has fun playing tournaments, and there is value in playing tournament games, but more value comes from time spent in practices and skill development sessions.