Player Development

Wisconsin Swing High School teams are coached by high school varsity head and assistant coaches and college assistant coaches who have helped develop hundreds of players. Swing offers 2 practices a week, which are coached like high school practices with an emphasis on helping every player to improve.


Wisconsin Swing teams participate in high level events each spring/summer including NCAA live events, that allow athletes to be viewed by college coaches from NCAA D1, D2, D3, NAIA and JUCO. Swing has provided opportunities for hundreds of athletes to achieve their dream of playing college basketball over our eighteen seasons.


Swing allows players to compete at the highest level of competition each spring and summer. With teams participating in the NY2LA Association, NY2LA open events, and additional high level Midwestern and Local events. We believe that players improve by playing against quality competition, and we work hard to provide that opportunity.


Swing has been a highly respected club program for the past eighteen seasons, with many great players wearing the Swing jersey (check the alumni page). As a program we want to continue to make that opportunity to wear a Swing Jersey special to all of our players, as we look to carry on in our tradition.


Personal Development Objectives


Develop the integrity to carry yourself in the highest standards, no matter the circumstances.

Pride and Team Spirit

Learn the importance that the team is bigger than the individual.

Confidence and Perseverance

Build confidence through the process of setting and achieving goals.

Spirit of Excellence

Develop the desire and willingness to always put in your best effort, striving to be the best you can be no matter the challenge or potential outcome.


Learn to be grateful for having the health and skill to participate in a high level basketball program and the opportunity to forge long lasting friendships.


Love the Game

Foster the love of playing basketball, while competing at a high level.

Work Ethic

Develop the habit of practicing and playing with max effort and competitiveness.

Skill Development

Focus on skill and fundamental development. Provide the knowledge and tools players can use to continue to practice on their own.

Strength and Agility

Teach and demonstrate athletic improvement exercises that will lead to becoming a better athlete and player.

How to Play

Apply teachings through use of small games (1v1, 2v2 & 3v3) so kids learn how to play the game rather than how to operate in a system.

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